Your tanning experience here at Touch of Genius will be second to none! Our aestheticians are highly trained and experienced. We know what ingredients & formulas go with what client to ensure you always leave with a beautiful bronze glow. NO orange here!



  • Exfoliate and moisturize 24 hours before you apply your self tan, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem areas

  • Shave 24 hours prior & Wax 72 hours prior to your treatment. This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to.

  • DO NOT apply moisturiser, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day of application. these products may act as a barrier against your skin and can prevent the tanning actives from developing evenly.


  • Wear dark, loose clothing as tight clothing or underwear may cause marks. Wear loose or open fitting shoes.

  • Moisturize everyday after your spray tan. Consider using a gradual tan lotion so that your tan is extended and your tan lasts longer. Showering with luke warm water will also prolong the life of a tan and help it fade more naturally.

  • After day 5-7, exfoliate with a soft body scrub and exfoliating mitt so remove any left over tan so you're ready for the next!